The Dinner Fix- Eat Sheet™ Week 10
Recipe Name Page
Salmon w/Cheese Sauce, Pasta, Asparagus
Madras Beef, Basmati Rice, Broccoli
Pork Loin , Rice, Spinach
Quesadillas, Cold Veggies & Dip

Spring Rolls, Chicken, Stir-Fry Veg


Basil leaves (optional for Pasta)
Cayenne pepper
Chili powder
Chipotle chili pepper, ground
Garam masala (spice blend see pages 32-33)
Garlic powder
Ground mustard
Lemon pepper and Pepper
Mixed herb seasoning, salt free
Original, all purpose seasoning, salt-free
Parsley leaves
Rosemary leaves

Baking Goods
Cooking spray, I like Pam
Canola oil and Olive oil, extra-virgin
Sesame oil and Peanut oil
Red wine vinegar

Soy sauce, reduced-sodium
Ketchup (1 cup)
Worcestershire sauce
Curry paste (Madras)
Tomato soup (10 oz or 284 mL)
Salsa (you choose the heat)
Plum sauce (optional for Spring Rolls) I like VH.
Cherry pie filling, light (1/2 cup) for Cherry Sauce
Pineapple tidbits (1/4 cup) for Cherry Sauce
Teriyaki stir-fry sauce (1/4 cup) I like VH.
Lemon juice
Ranch dip, fat free
Salad dressing, fat free, your favorite

Frozen Foods
Phyllo pastry
Stir-fry veggies (1 lb or 450 g)

Waxed paper
Paper towel
Freezer bag, large

7 chicken breasts, boneless, skinless
(2 1/3 lb or 1050 g) for 2 meals
Salmon filets, boneless, skinless (1 1/2 lbs or 675 g)
Pork loin roast, or chops (2-3 lbs or 900-1350 g)
Flank or lean sirloin steak (1 1/2 lbs or 675 g)

1% milk (2 cups) and Buttermilk (1 cup)
Plain yogurt (16 oz or 500 mL)
Sour cream, fat-free (optional for Quesadillas)
Feta cheese (optional for Salad)
Sharp or old cheddar cheese, light, shredded
(1 3/4 cup for 2 meals)
Parmesan cheese, light, grated

Fresh ginger (from a jar)
Fresh garlic (from a jar)
Red onion (optional for Salad)
Onions (3 for 3 meals)
Green onions (1 bunch)
Red, yellow and green bell peppers (1 of each)
Asparagus spears (20)
Broccoli florets (1 lb or 450 g)
Veggies for dipping, can be cut and packaged
(1 lb or 450 g)
Spinach leaves, 1 bag (6 oz or 170 g)
Cilantro (optional for Quesadillas)
Roma tomatoes (3)
Coleslaw mix with carrots, 1 bag (1 lb or 450 g)
Melon or mango (optional for Salad)

Dry Essentials
Penne pasta (12 oz or 350 g)
Basmati rice (3 cups for 2 meals)

Tortillas, 8" soft (6)