The Dinner Fix- Eat Sheet™ Week 8
Recipe Name Page
Slow Cooker SW Soup, Salad Wraps
Peach Glazed Chicken, Rice, Peas, Corn
Mediterranean Pizza, Edamame Beans
Salmon, Ground Nut Sauce, Rice, Salad

Vietnamese Style Ribs, Noodles, Broccoli


Basil leaves and Oregano leaves
Chipotle chili pepper and Curry powder
Garlic and herb seasoning, salt free
Italian seasoning, salt free
Lemon pepper and Pepper
Mixed herb seasoning, salt free
Rosemary leaves and Thyme leaves

Baking Goods
Cooking spray, I like Pam
Canola oil and Olive oil, extra-virgin
Peanuts (option for Salmon & Ribs) and Pine nuts

2 cans diced potatoes (19 oz or 540 mL each)
1 can chopped green chilies (4.5 oz or 127 mL)
1 can cream corn (14 oz or 398 mL)
1 can diced tomatoes (14 oz or 398 mL)
1 small can artichoke hearts (freeze the balance)
Sun dried tomatoes
Lime juice
Salsa (you choose the heat)
Peach jam, all fruit (3/4 cup)
Peanut butter, light
BBQ sauce (3/4 cup)
Sweet chili sauce
Pizza sauce (1/4 cup)
Pineapple tidbits (optional for Pizza)
Soy sauce, reduced-sodium
Strong garlic spare-rib sauce (12 oz or 341 mL)
VH is my favorite
Kepac Manis (sweet Indonesian soy sauce)
Chicken broth, reduced-sodium (4 cups)
Vegetable broth, reduced-sodium (1 1/2 cups)
Ranch salad dressing or dip, light (1/2 cup)
Poppy seed dressing, light (1/3 cup) or favorite

Frozen Foods
Baby peas (2 cups) and Corn (2 cups) mixed is ok
Edamame beans in shell (soy beans) (1/2 lb/ 225 g)

Plastic wrap and Waxed paper and Paper towel
Pitted olives (optional for Pizza)

4 large boneless skinless chicken breasts
(1 1/2 lbs / 675 g)
4 salmon filets, boneless skinless
(1 1/2 lbs / 675 g)
Lean pork back ribs, or side (2 1/2 lbs / 1125 g)
4-6 slices lean cooked deli ham

Sour cream, fat-free (optional for Wraps)
Sharp or old cheddar, light, shredded (1 cup)
Mozzarella cheese, part skim, shredded (1 cup)
Feta cheese, light (1/2 cup)

Fresh garlic (from a jar) and Fresh ginger (jar)
Mushrooms (11)
Red onion (1) and Onion (3)
Green onions (2)
Roma tomatoes (2)
Zucchini (1) and Broccoli florets (1 lb or 450 g)
Red bell pepper (2)
Yellow or orange bell pepper (1/2)
Veggies for veggie wraps (4 cups)
(lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, etc.)
Cilantro (optional for Soup and Wraps)
Lemon grass (1 stalk)
Romaine lettuce, washed (6 oz or 170 g)
Mandarin oranges (2)

Dry Essentials
8 soft tortillas, corn or flour, 8"
Basmati rice (3 cups for 2 recipes)
Plantain chips (or croutons)
Steam fried egg noodles (10 oz or 300 g)

Pizza bases, thin crust (2 x 12")