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“Food Network Canada star Sandi Richard presents a wealth of quick, family-pleasing recipes for harried cooks in a compilation that redefines "user friendly."...Richard's time-conscious approach begs comparison to megastar (and fellow Food Network personality) Rachael Ray. ... Click to read the complete review”
Publisher's Weekly - United States

What Makes Our Books Different?

Our meals have been six times tested and retested with real families in real life so you know they work and taste great too!

Our Books Are Unlike Any Other! Find Out Why!


It’s easy to follow recipes step-by-step to make the entire meal.

Recipe instructions are on the left directly across from the ingredients on the right.

Start at the top and work your way down the instructions and your entire meal is ready at the same time. The thinking of how to coordinate the timing of the different meal components has been done for you.

It's easy to replace a meal component such as the rice or vegetable if you want to change it up.


Detailed equipment lists are provided so it's easy to get help in the kitchen.

Nutritional data is listed so it’s easy to Eat Forward™ and make smart decisions throughout the day.

Meals most often adhere to the following guidelines for the complete dinner: Calories: 350-500 calories/serving; Fat: less than 20 g/serving; Carbohydrates: 30-70 g/serving; Protein: 25-35 g/serving; Sodium: less than 1000 mg/serving.

U.S. food exchanges and Canadian food choices are calculated for every meal.

All of our recipes feature large, full color photographs. We don’t use food styling tricks so you see exactly what each meal should look like.

Indexes help you pick which meals you want based on component, time or fat content.

Each book has a softcover binding with reinforcing flaps on front and back covers.


All of our books are color coded to make Eating Forward™ easier. It’s simple to see how much prep time each meal requires based on the clock featured with each meal.

RED: 15 minutes to prep
Dinner is ready in 30 minutes or less

YELLOW: 20 minutes to prep
Dinner is ready in 30 minutes or less

GREEN: 15 minutes to prep
Dinner is ready in 60 minutes or less

BLUE: 20 minutes to prep
Dinner is ready in 60 minutes or less


If a recipe requires the night before prep or special equipment such as a slow cooker or BBQ grill, symbols help to get your attention and ensure you can plan ahead.

A Crescent Moon above the recipe alerts you to a 5 or 10 minute prep the night before so that the next day is ultra easy. Most of these can be started the same day, in the morning, if your schedule allows.

A Slow Cooker under the clock is a reminder you must prep the night before or the morning of your meal, using a Slow Cooker. The Slow Cooker fills you with wonderful feelings all day knowing that when you get home, your dinner is ready or almost ready.

A BBQ Grill under the clock lets you know at least one portion of the meal is grilled. You may need to dig out a grilling pan if you don’t own a BBQ grill. Grilling instructions are for a gas or propane grill. If you are using charcoal you will need to adjust.

I also include protein, carb and fruit-veggie symbols to the left of the instructions on each recipe. When you see a symbol - you’ll know to shift to a different component of the whole dinner you are making.

Red circle = some type of protein
Blue square = some type of carbohydrate
Green triangle = some type of fruit or vegetable

We named this icon Carrot Top (I know I’m a little looped in the brain). He helps people who want to eat less meat or are vegetarian. You can find him on the About the Recipes pages with directions telling you what to do to make the meal meatless.



Meals are organized in groups of five, we call these a week. We've chosen these carefully so you have a variety of foods, flavors and textures within your week. Choose each meal according to your schedule for that day.

Each week of five meals comes with a complete Eat Sheet™, making grocery shopping a breeze. It's easy to plan ahead and buy only what you need. Once you find your favorites print off a blank grocery list from our website to create your own custom grocery lists.