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“I'm not one to sit down and send emails like this, however, I feel a strong urge to let you know how much your cookbooks have changed my life (yes, it would seem a cookbook can do that)...I absolutely love this book. I am through two weeks of meal plans and can't believe how happy, inspired, and at peace this book has made me. I no longer struggle wondering what's for dinner, my husband loves coming home to see what's being cooked up and my toddler is even trying things I never dreamed he would. ...the meal planning approach has impacted my sanity at the grocery store, and on the financial front. Since I only buy what I know I'll be cooking, we waste so much less and eat out much less often. And it feels so good offering meals that I know are healthy.”
Nicole Lechelt

About Us

Cooking for the Rushed Inc. was incorporated in 1999.
The owners are Ron and Sandi Richard.

Our company started with a dream of being able to help 30,000 families enjoy a less stressful, healthier and positive experience at the dinner table every day. That's when we put everything on the line and launched our first book, "Life's On Fire". We received thousands of emails thanking us for changing people's lives, relationships, health and dinner enjoyment. Inspired by the feedback we quit our jobs and produced another book every two years, launching our seventh in September 2012.

Sandi was approached during this time to create and host a Food Network television series to help families get to the dinner table. "Fixing Dinner" is based on our books (four seasons are in circulation).

Since the launch of our first book teachers, dieticians, nutritionists, doctors, nurses, fitness trainers, professional organizers and others have continued to promote Sandi's system and books.

Sandi's dream of her own Grocery List Generator launched in 2011 to provide users of her books an ideal online resource eliminating pen and paper.

We believe teens have the power to change the eating habits of North America. Sandi's Teen Chef program was piloted in schools in 2011 with great success and will be launched during 2012-2013.

A corporate health program was launched in 2012 called CorpBalance to provide small to midsized companies an inexpensive program to improve the health and productivity of their employees. The program targets the family dinner  to improve health and reduce stress for employees as well as their families.

A Canada wide 30 church hosted dynamic special event tour launched in October 2012 through to June 2013 to bring even more families to the dinner table.

Our company's mission is to help millions of families enjoy a less stressful, healthier and positive experience at the dinner table every day.

Ron and Sandi Richard