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“Food Network Canada star Sandi Richard presents a wealth of quick, family-pleasing recipes for harried cooks in a compilation that redefines "user friendly."...Richard's time-conscious approach begs comparison to megastar (and fellow Food Network personality) Rachael Ray. ... Click to read the complete review”
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Easy, affordable and insanely delicious meals, even your teens will love to cook and eat.

Sandi Richard’s Anyone Can Cook Dinner is a compilation of Sandi’s BEST and EASIEST meal recipes from her entire collection (with a twist)! They have been updated, revised and retested to meet a very high standard for flavor, speed, ease and affordability (and all are around 500 calories)!

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In this edition, Sandi focuses on young adults and teens living at home.

Families are busier than ever and can’t always cook together so she’s created a new At-a-Glance™ system so that they are able to be Cooking Together/Apart™.

Watermarks, Sticky Notes and Take 5™ symbols make cooking dinner easier than ever!  

Test families couldn’t believe how much their teens and young adults loved doing their part!

If you have a family, Anyone Can Cook Dinner will become the new family classic for getting to the table during your busy work week!

Some of the topics Sandi covers in Anyone Can Cook Dinner™:

They Won't Cook or... You're Too Scared To Let Them!
Cooking Together/Apart™
My Six Essentials for Dinner Success
What Are the Watermarks? Use 'em or Don't!
Truth or Consequence?
The Importance of Family Dinner
Are You Feeling Sad, Sluggish or Misunderstood?
Five Easy Steps to Help Make Dinner the Best Part of Your Day


What Makes Our Books Different?
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Anyone Can Cook Dinner teaches you to create your own Eat Sheets™ using the recipes you love.

Anyone Can Cook Dinner will be released in September 2012.

 Anyone Can Cook Dinner contains all the key components which make each of Sandi Richard's books national bestsellers.

 Anyone Can Cook Dinner has ten nutritionally balanced weeks of five dinners, painstakingly updated, revised and retested by Sandi, then retested by real test families!

Anyone Can Cook Dinner™ includes completed Eat Sheets™ (grocery lists) for each of these weeks (in each book and printable off our website).

8 1/2 inches x 10 7/8 inches

192 pages

Spicy Chicken Burger

Spicy Chicken Burgers

Peanut Butter Chicken

Peanut Butter Chicken

Caesar Salad Pasta

Chicken Caesar Pasta

BBQ Southwest Pizza

BBQ Southwest Pizza