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“I must write to thank you for changing my life!!! 16-year old son (who was raised as a picky-eater), is jumping for joy that his mom has finally gotten her act together! ...The food is delicious and everything looks exactly like the pictures! ...The effort you put into your miraculous cookbook really shows. ...I think the layout and design are pure genius!”
Sheila Casey

CorpBalance for Corporate Health

Read comments from some of the world's most renowned doctors about Sandi's program.

David C.W. Lau M.D. PhD, FRCPC, President, Obesity Canada  “Sandi has created the perfect guide for busy working parents.”

Gordon Matheson MD, PhD, Stanford University Chief, Division of Sports Medicine, editor-in-chief The Physician and Sportsmedicine  “Sandi has taken the necessary and unusual approach to simplifying our complex issues with dinner and health!”

Christiane Northrup, MD, ob/gyn New York Times best selling author of Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom. Featured expert for The Doctor Oz show and Oprah Winfrey.  “Sandi is restoring the crucial family dinner as a solid cornerstone of health and happiness.”

Whether you are:
A corporation looking for a wellness package or
A wellness provider for a corporation
We can enhance your employee wellness program!

Employees will improve their health, productivity, stress levels and relationships using Sandi's proven long term solution through her Eating Forward system.

"Sandi's simple yet impactful program earned a Top Pick this year from our management team and nutritionists. Preventative health is the necessary approach to reduce health care costs and increase productivity. Each of our clients will benefit from her program."
Don Copeman
CEO and Founder Copeman Health Care Centres

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Sandi is available for teaching/speaking sessions to larger groups.

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