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“I am no longer suspicious about buying groceries for a week of dinners we never tried. Your recipes seem to be the only ones I make. Life's On Fire has revolutionized the way I cook.”
Denise Truhn

Teen Chefs Cooking!  

Sandi's Kinect-Ed Program for 12-14 year olds

Corporate sponsorship available to become the OFFICIAL TITLE SPONSOR for the 2017-18 Kinect-Ed Program.

Sandi's Kinect-Ed program targets 12 to 14 year olds through her Kinect-Ed program and is now into Phase 3 of this program.

Sandi believes Teens Have The Power To Change the Eating Habits of North America!

Sarah Woodruff, PhD from the University of Windsor, and I are proving conclusively (Woodruff is researching the impact of the program):

"If parents will step aside and allow their teens into the kitchen, the entire family gets healthier, mentally and physically."

Since launching our nonprofit program Kinect-Ed in May 2011, 62% of the teens involved opened a conversation with their parents.

"I would have loved to be in their homes when the teens explained to their parents that they MUST take a turn cooking dinner. I would have loved to see the tears and embraces as parents all over released their guilt. Understanding, for the first time, that their kid’s willingness to help with dinner is actually a doorway to the overall health of their home and the nation. We believe if this understanding continues, within ten short years, our youth will make a significant impact on overall family health," says Sandi.

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Teachers or administrators may submit a request to info for your school to be involved! As the program expands nationally You Just May Get Sandi To Visit Your School!