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“I'm not one to sit down and send emails like this, however, I feel a strong urge to let you know how much your cookbooks have changed my life (yes, it would seem a cookbook can do that)...I absolutely love this book. I am through two weeks of meal plans and can't believe how happy, inspired, and at peace this book has made me. I no longer struggle wondering what's for dinner, my husband loves coming home to see what's being cooked up and my toddler is even trying things I never dreamed he would. ...the meal planning approach has impacted my sanity at the grocery store, and on the financial front. Since I only buy what I know I'll be cooking, we waste so much less and eat out much less often. And it feels so good offering meals that I know are healthy.”
Nicole Lechelt

Professional Speaker

Sandi Richard is a dynamic and entertaining professional speaker with extensive media and television experience. Her passion and mission for the past 15 years has been to improve the family dinner experience during the work week. She speaks to a variety of groups in different industries with different needs. Corporations, health professionals, parent organizations and church groups all have members whose lives have been been impacted through her presentations.

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You want to influence the health of your employees with a long term solution. You want to provide an easy practical, low-cost program for a health initiative that has lasting benefits. You want a motivational speaker that affects the entire family.

Health Professionals

You want Sandi's insight and practical solutions for your membership to bring clarity around the dinner hurdles clients face. You want to incorporate a proven solution into the successful programs you are already implementing. You want a motivational speaker who incorporates what you already know, but has found solutions to overcome the obstacles in the way of family dinner.

Parent Organizations

You want hands-on guidance for struggling moms and dads so they can provide a dinner experience rather than just get through dinner. You want your membership to save money and be healthier in a simple practical way.

Church Groups

You understand dinner is the foundation of the family and want to improve the family dinner dynamics of your membership within a Christian context. You want your congregation to learn how to save money while eating better. You want to provide outreach to your community.

Contact info or leave a detailed message at 289-xxx-0528. xxx-929-xxxx