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“Your books have had a profound effect on our everyday life! I am out of my mind with glee! ”
Holly Leis

EATING FORWARD™ is the New Way to Create Amazing & Easy Family Dinners

In Eating Forward™, Sandi teaches you her system as never before, along with 10 more complete weeks of deliciously simple meals. Her common sense approach takes dinner off your mind. Save time, money, health and peace of mind!

Sandi Richard’s EATING FORWARD™ system is helping thousands of families love dinner again. Sandi's passion is to bring families back to the dinner table, while improving the relationships in the home.

Sample Topics for Eating Forward™
Is the Diet Killing the Family Dinner
500 Calories CAN Change Your World…And Taste Great Too!
A Boy Named Steve: Simply Changes. Big Results
The Value Menu Meal…Convenient or Costly?
Everyone’s a Food Expert…No Wonder I’m Confused

Eating Forward™ is really about addressing the issues that are keeping us from the dinner table, the things no one is talking about. Sandi focuses on what Eating Forward™ is all about while helping to make dinner easy! Reduce stress, save money, love dinner and be healthy, that’s whatEating Forward™ is all about!

Sandi provides you with easy, doable ways to overcome the obstacles in your path, because she understands that life stands in the way of good intentions. Learn how to get dinner to fit your life, free up some time and create those special dinner table memories. Remember, dinner isn’t just about food, it’s about family!

• 20 minutes or less to prepare the whole dinner…not just the main dish
• Sandi’s trademark left to right format makes it easy for even the kids to follow the recipe
• Most meals are 500 calories or less
• What you see is what you eat!...large color photographs for every meal
• Six times tested and retested…with real families in real life
• Eat Sheets™ for each week of dinners…so you are ready to buy groceries
• Amazing tasting food your family will actually eat, even those picky eaters
• Nutritional information for every recipe…including fiber and sodium
• Most recipes can be adapted for vegetarians or special dietary concerns

What Makes Our Books Different?
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Eating Forward teaches you to create your own Eat Sheets™ using the recipes you love.

Eating Forward will be released in October 2010.

Eating Forward contains all the key components which make each of Sandi Richard's books national bestsellers.

Eating Forward has ten nutritionally balanced weeks of five dinners, including completed Eat Sheets™ (grocery lists) for each of these weeks (in each book and printable off our website).

8 1/2 inches x 10 7/8 inches

192 pages