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“This book is about healthy, delicious food with meal planning made easy. A Must Have, Must Use book.”
Rick & Sue Bungay


The most uncomplicated, approachable way to get dinner to fit your life

In Dinner Survival, Sandi passes on her vast personal experience and that of the hundreds of families she’s studied and advised. Don’t take hours of precious weekend time to cook, she says. A little preparation—chopping and freezing a few ingredients—will make a huge time-saving contribution to the busy workweek.

The book is packed with nutritional information and substitution charts that will keep everyone at their best. And of course, all the meals will help your family maintain a healthy weight and a healthy body. Save time, money, health and peace of mind with Sandi Richard’s simple, great-tasting plan for dinner.

Sample Topics for Dinner Survival
Is Guilt from the Lack of Time Keeping the Family from Optimum Health?
Even the Bathroom Isn’t Sacred
Technology-The Good and the Bad
How Convenient Is Too Convenient?
Will the Real family Please Stand Up?

Dinner is a lot bigger than food. It’s about family, health—both physical and spiritual—economics, commitment, time and your sanity. And whether you love or hate to cook, chances are you really don’t like it much during the workweek.

But what if everything was organized for you, from shopping lists to 10 weeks of meals? What if you could involve everyone in the process, from choosing menus to helping get food to the table? What if each meal just took as little as 20 minutes to prepare?

Meal planner and mother of seven Sandi Richard will help you achieve dinner hour, without stress and struggle. She will free you from your feelings of guilt over falling into the take-out trap—and show you how to plan, shop, prep and cook fantastic-looking and -tasting meals that even a picky 6-year-old will like.

• 20 minutes or less to prepare the whole dinner…not just the main dish
• Sandi’s trademark left to right format makes it easy for even the kids to follow the recipe
• Most meals are 500 calories or less
• What you see is what you eat!...large color photographs for every meal
• Six times tested and retested…with real families in real life
• Eat Sheets™ for each week of dinners…so you are ready to buy groceries
• Amazing tasting food your family will actually eat, even those picky eaters
• Nutritional information for every recipe…including fiber or sodium
• Most recipes can be adapted for vegetarians or special dietary concerns

What Makes Our Books Different?

Dinner Survival teaches you to create your own Eat Sheets™ using the recipes you love.

Dinner Survival contains all the key components which make each of Sandi Richard's books national bestsellers.

Dinner Survival has ten nutritionally balanced weeks of five dinners, including completed Eat Sheets™ (grocery lists) for each of these weeks (in each book and printable off our website).

8 1/2 inches x 10 7/8 inches

192 pages