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“We have gone from struggling to make dinner to feeling like gourmet chefs...we now even cook meals together! ”
Donna Reid

Fundraiser Sales

"This is a great fundraiser for any group. It was so easy I sold 64 myself! I love these books because the whole family buys into the delicious meals...and they're healthy!" Corinne Lynnes, Choir & Band Fundraiser

"An easy and profitable fundraiser! These books actually connect your family and save you money!" Jennifer Sissons, Moms Time Out Coordinator

Why This Fundraiser?

  • Easy and fast to earn thousands of dollars.
  • Promote healthy eating and a long term solution to family dinner. 
  • Remove the quiet guilt mothers feel about not consistently pulling off family dinner.

Most North American families are not pulling off regular weekday family dinners.
These books really work! Over 500,000 are in print. Sandi Richard's time tested proven system has dramatically impacted so many families and will impact your organization!

Families in your community will:

1. Improve family health--healthy, delicious, complete meals are nutritionally balanced.

2. Reduce stress in the home--remove the quiet guilt mothers feel about not consistently pulling off dinner. The Eating Forward system, in every book, provides an easy practical solution to this problem.

3. Strengthen family dynamics--system teaches you how to involve all family members in the dinner process. Recipes and layout are designed so even young teens and non-cooks can prepare meals independently.

4. Save money--grocery lists are included to keep families out of the drive-through and away from prepackaged, more expensive but less healthy foods. You usually save the cost of the book in 2 weeks. (The Grocery List Generator option saves families even more time.)

5. Benefit from a long-term solution--system is recommended by health professionals as a balanced long-term solution to combat obesity and maintain a healthy weight.

Sandi Richard, author of six best-selling cookbooks in the Cooking for the Rushed series, is a mother of seven whose work has touched the lives of thousands of people. She has worked extensively with nutritionists and dieticians who applaud her Eating Forward system for its success as a balanced long-term solution to the problems of obesity and stress in our fast-paced world. Sandi's books are in schools as curriculum resources for Foods and Lifeskills programs. The system and recipes from the books are a key part of a reality TV series hosted by Sandi (airing internationally on various networks) called Fixing Dinner.

An excellent fundraising offer to non-profit organizations.
A profit of over $1000 can be earned by selling only 100 books!