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“I'm not one to sit down and send emails like this, however, I feel a strong urge to let you know how much your cookbooks have changed my life (yes, it would seem a cookbook can do that)...I absolutely love this book. I am through two weeks of meal plans and can't believe how happy, inspired, and at peace this book has made me. I no longer struggle wondering what's for dinner, my husband loves coming home to see what's being cooked up and my toddler is even trying things I never dreamed he would. ...the meal planning approach has impacted my sanity at the grocery store, and on the financial front. Since I only buy what I know I'll be cooking, we waste so much less and eat out much less often. And it feels so good offering meals that I know are healthy.”
Nicole Lechelt

Television Producer and Host

Sandi Richard is the creator, producer and host of a soon to be released cooking series called Double Duty Dinner. Her all new Canadian series highlights a new ingredient in each episode and uses that ingredient within two completely different meals. Each episode is loaded with her helpful tips and walks viewers through the simple steps to create both fabulous complete workweek dinners.


Sandi is also the creator and host of Fixing Dinner, which has broadcast on the Shaw family of networks including Food Network Canada, Life Network, AmericanLife TV Network and Discovery Asia.

This fast-paced reality show has Sandi fixing real families mealtime problems. Sandi devises a customized plan to get each family back to the dinner table.

Families learn great tips while cooking fast meals that are to-die-for delicious! The show is based on Sandi's meal planning system taught in her books and incorporates recipes from each book as well as many new creations. Each family receives a life changing one month detailed meal plan carefully created by Sandi for that specific family.

Sandi has worked with 52 families to create 52 unique episodes.


Sandi also hosts Let's Do Lunch broadcast on the Shaw family of networks, which includes Food Network.