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Are You Rushed?

... Quick delicious meals while keeping the heat out of the house
... Alternate between BBQ as a grill, slow-cooker, BBQ as an oven,
    stir-fry and precooked meat meals
... Every recipe is color coded for speed
... Full color photos for every recipe
... Tested by 120 real families on the go
... Grocery lists for groups of 5 dinners
... Learn to meal plan stress free and save money




Not Just A BBQ Book!

Getting Ya Through The Summer is all about healthy eating during the workweek while keeping the heat out of the house. Symbols make it clear how you will be cooking your meal to adjust for the heat of the day.


Getting Ya Through the Summer is all about how to keep the heat out of the house when the weather is hot, but it also had to be an addition to our first set of meal plans that people could use all year round. I wanted this to be our second book when I learned the following. Even though there are more fresh fruits and vegetables in the summer and the weather is perfect for outside activities, families tend to eat out more often, because it is just too hot to cook.

Getting Ya Through the Summer teaches you how to keep cooking at home, even when it's too hot! It shows you how to use the BBQ as an oven and not just a grill, how to take advantage of a slow cooker and how to purchase healthy ingredients where someone else is doing some of the work for you. There is an additional five weeks of meal plans to add to your weekday survival guide, Life's on Fire.

Getting Ya Through The Summer contains all the key components which make all books in the Cooking for the Rushed series national bestsellers. (Note: Getting Ya Through The Summer does not contain current food choice or food exchange values, or fiber and sodium data.)

Getting Ya Through The Summer has five nutritionally balanced weeks of five dinners, including completed grocery lists for each of these weeks (in each book and printable off our website).

7 inches x 9 1/2 inches

Stainless steel coil bound with reinforcing flaps on front and back covers

128 pages