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“This is the first cookbook series I have ever used even though I have a cupboard full. I’m soooooooo impressed with how truly quick, easy and delicious these recipes are. I’m an at home Mom heading back to work and these books have saved me both time and money (no more take-out) and have given healthy dinners back to my family. ”
Anne Hall

Fundraiser Sales  -  How It Works

The pricing of Sponsored Books has been integrated into fundraising sales.

Sponsor a Class! Sponsor a Group! Sponsor a School!

Sponsored books sold as low as $2 per book + shipping!

Call to inquire. 289      929      0528

*20 books $5 per book, 40-80 books $4 per book,

100-180 books $3.25 per book, 200-480 books $3 per book,

1280 books $2 per book

(applies to multiples of 20 identical books, Eating Forward, Healthy Family, Dinner Fix, Diner Survival)

Nonreturnable Discount Schedule - Effective May 1, 2017

Minimum Order
(20 books - full cases only)



Cooking for the Rushed - Eating Forward
Cooking for the Rushed - Dinner Survival
Cooking for the Rushed - The Dinner Fix 
Cooking for the Rushed - The Healthy Family

20 books (1 case of 20 books)  

National Best Sellers!


(Retail = $26.99)


Cooking for the Rushed - Life's On Fire

No longer in print

Cooking for the Rushed - Getting Ya Through The Summer

No longer in print

Orders may be a combination of different books, but only full cases of each may be ordered.

Contact the email below to access an order form.

           Standard Terms and Conditions of Sale

  • Sales by the organization must be outside of normal book trade channels e.g. bookstores, retail outlets, mail-order, etc.
  • Payment in advance is required by money order, bank draft, Visa or MasterCard.
  • Shipping charges must be included with all orders.
  • Approval of an organization for fundraising is at the discretion of Cooking for the Rushed Inc. based on each application / interview.
  • Fundraiser sales are limited in number, size, and type at the discretion of Cooking for the Rushed Inc. and may be discontinued without notice.

Email: orders  or  Phone  289-xxx-0528. xxx-929-xxxx.