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“This is the kind of information we need, presented in a format that is appropriate for a very large audience. will find this book easy to read, interesting, and provocative. (Foreword in The Healthy Family) ”
Gordon Matheson MD, PhD, Chief, Division of Sports Medicine, Stanford University

Fundraiser Sales  -  How It Works

Bottom Line - Sell our books at up to a 35% discount off cover price and still make up to 100% profit.

Approved organizations include schools, sports clubs and teams, health units, community service programs, church groups, arts programs and special projects.  Ask if you qualify.

Nonreturnable Discount Schedule - Effective June 1, 2016

Minimum Order
(20 books - full cases only)


Cooking for the Rushed -
Anyone Can Cook Dinner

55% off retail = $12.00/book

  (Retail = $26.99)

Cooking for the Rushed - Eating Forward
Cooking for the Rushed - Dinner Survival
Cooking for the Rushed - The Dinner Fix 
Cooking for the Rushed - The Healthy Family

20 books (1 case of 20 books)  

National Best Sellers!

69% off retail = $8.50/book

(Retail = $26.99)


Cooking for the Rushed - Life's On Fire

No longer in print

Cooking for the Rushed - Getting Ya Through The Summer

No longer in print

Orders may be a combination of different books, but only full cases of each may be ordered.

Contact the email below to access an order form.

           Standard Terms and Conditions of Sale

  • Sales by the organization must be outside of normal book trade channels e.g. bookstores, retail outlets, mail-order, etc.
  • Payment in advance is required by money order, bank draft, Visa or MasterCard.
  • Books are intended to be resold for between 50-100% retail price.
  • Shipping charges must be included with all orders (Canada Post expedited parcel).
  • Approval of an organization for fundraising is at the discretion of Cooking for the Rushed Inc. based on each application / interview. Applicants must include a note explaining what the profits will be used for.
  • Fundraiser sales are limited in number, size, and type at the discretion of Cooking for the Rushed Inc. and may be discontinued without notice.

Email: orders  or  Phone  289-xxx-0528. xxx-929-xxxx.