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“I own all your books and have just cooked through every single meal from your latest book! It’s been a real pleasure having you at my dinner table for the past five years! ”
Karen Gartner


Everyone knows that time equals money, and no one knows it more than those responsible for feeding a busy family.

The Dinner Fix™ is Sandi’s contribution to the happiness and health of families everywhere. The book boasts 10 weeks of balanced recipes and meal plans that include grocery and equipment lists. In addition, color-coded recipes help you match each meal to your life each night—from hectic weeknights to days when there is extra time to devote to cooking and eating. Each meal has its own photograph (a helpful preparation tool) and nutritional information, from the amount of fiber to diabetic food exchanges.

Bring Sandi Richard into your kitchen so you can spend less time in it, turning the stress of making dinner into a deeply delicious event each day for you and your family.

Sample Topics for Dinner Fix
What Drove Me Crazy About Weekday Cooking and How I Fixed It
Diets Don’t Work Long Term, Meal Planning Does!
Picky Eaters Aren’t Born, Parents Create Them
Monster Drinks
Family Dinners, Are They Really That Important?

With Sandi Richard by your side, you’ll never find yourself in that dreaded spot: It’s 5 p.m., and you have no idea what to feed your family for dinner.

• 20 minutes or less to prepare the whole dinner…not just the main dish
• Sandi’s trademark left to right format makes it easy for even the kids to follow the recipe
• Most meals are 500 calories or less
• What you see is what you eat!...large color photographs for every meal
• Six times tested and retested…with real families in real life
• Eat Sheets™ for each week of dinners…so you are ready to buy groceries
• Amazing tasting food your family will actually eat, even those picky eaters
• Nutritional information for every recipe…including fiber or sodium
• Most recipes can be adapted for vegetarians or special dietary concerns

What Makes Our Books Different?
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The Dinner Fix™ teaches you to create your own meal plans using the recipes you love.

The Dinner Fix contains all the key components which make each of Sandi Richard's books national bestsellers.

The Dinner Fix has ten nutritionally balanced weeks of five dinners, including completed Eat Sheets™ (grocery lists) for each of these weeks (in each book and printable off our website).

8 1/2 inches x 10 7/8 inches

192 pages