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“We've tried other books before, but this cookbook is truly amazing. It's so easy! This book is a definite MUST HAVE for families in a rush!”
Janis Leonard


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Life's on Fire has changed the dinner dynamics for thousands of families across the country.

Life's on Fire is the first weekday meal planning survival guide in my book series. It's all about moving families from take-out to eat at home easily. Our test group showed us what families want to eat in the work week and what the food needed to taste like, if a family was to stick to the plan. This book has continued to be a platform in getting people used to the idea that dinner can taste great at home and be easy! I wanted the cover to depict my life at the time; hence the name Life's on Fire and the cartoon cover of Paige hauling Ron away from the stove to get to a game!

Sample Topics for Life’s On Fire
The Relationship Between Stress, Speed, taste and Food
Sandi’s Food Beliefs
A Different Way to Doing Things When You Looove Food
Terrific Helpers
How Color Coding Will Save Your Life

Life's on Fire includes cartoons throughout the book of real life experiences with my family so you could get to know me and realize I am Rushed, just like you! It's packed with real photos of real food, no food styling tricks, what you see is what you eat!

Recommended by dieticians, nutritionists, nurses and doctors for healthy eating.

• 20 minutes or less to prepare the whole dinner…not just the main dish
• Sandi’s trademark left to right format makes it easy for even the kids to follow the recipe
• Most meals are 500 calories or less
• What you see is what you eat!...large color photographs for 51 of 60 meals
• Six times tested and retested…with real families in real life
• Eat Sheets™ for each week of dinners…so you are ready to buy groceries
• Amazing tasting food your family will actually eat, even those picky eaters
• Nutritional information for every recipe
• Most recipes can be adapted for vegetarians or special dietary concerns

What Makes Our Books Different?
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Life's On Fire contains all the key components which make each of Sandi Richard's books national bestsellers. (Note: Life's on Fire does not contain current food choice or food exchange values, or fiber and sodium data and has 51 meal photos for the 60 meals in the book.)

Life's On Fire has twelve nutritionally balanced weeks of five dinners, including completed Eat Sheets™ (grocery lists) for each of these weeks (in each book and printable off our website).

8 3/4 inches x 11 inches

224 pages