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“My wife and I fully recommend this book to anyone who works lots, has kids, or is just plain old single. An excellent purchase.”
Rick Sewell

Fundraising - Frequently Asked Questions


Which book do you recommend as a first book?

I am asked this all the time. In short it really doesn't  matter. If teens are involved I would certainly include our new release Anyone Can Cook Dinner.The first book people purchase usually becomes their family favorite because they make more meals from that book than later purchases. Here are some highlights of each. Anyone Can Cook Dinner is a "Best Of" book with an added system and information for starter cooks, but uses mouth watering recipes experienced cooks can make. The Healthy Family has great information on activity and nutrition for parents and teens. Dinner Survival and The Dinner Fix are favorites for cultural variety in the meals. Eating Forward offers clear explanations relating to meal-planning and family matters relating to dinner. All contain healthy complete quick dinners in our easy to use trademark format.


Do you recommend selling a combination of books at the same time?

You will sell more books by offering a larger selection of books. Do this if you will only run the fundraiser once. You will have higher overall sales if you offer one or two books, then run a fundraiser again in the following months with new books. People will have an opportunity to try the mealplans from the first books and will be excited to get their hands on more mealplans from more books in the series. As well they will recommend others purchase the books during the second fundraiser. (Let people know if you are having a second fundraiser - otherwise they will run out and buy the other books at a bookstore.)


What is the best time of year to sell each book?

Books sell anytime of year, but the best times are January to May and September to early December.


What is the fastest, easiest, most efficient method to make this fundraiser work?

Tell everyone in the organization they must purchase one or two books as their commitment to fundraising and collect a cheque from them postdated to when you are orderin Pay fog the books.r the books (you will have collected double your cost for the books). Everyone receives their books and it's on their timeline to sell the books for reimbursement of their cheque.


My organization would like to place a conservative order to ensure it can sell all of the books quickly. Can I order more if I run out?

Once initially approved, your organization can order more books if you run out. Check for availability when ordering.


Can I divide my order into two parts to give myself time to pay for the second half using the proceeds from the first half?



Is there a way to save money on shipping?

The larger the order, the greater the potential to save on shipping. We do not profit on shipping. Larger orders may be more economical because we can ship books as bulk freight through a trucking company.