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“I must write to thank you for changing my life!!! 16-year old son (who was raised as a picky-eater), is jumping for joy that his mom has finally gotten her act together! ...The food is delicious and everything looks exactly like the pictures! ...The effort you put into your miraculous cookbook really shows. ...I think the layout and design are pure genius!”
Sheila Casey

Video Production

Increase your web presence using custom created professional videos at an affordable price!

Our team creates, produces, films, edits and hosts professional cooking videos for a variety of national corporations.

Consider the impact of a trusted celebrity, North America's leading meal planning expert, Sandi Richard, hosting a custom series of videos featuring your products.

We have other hosts available to suit your needs.

Videos can be created with or without recipes, depending on the products being featured.

If you want recipes featured with your product you have many choices. Bring your own recipe, use one of our existing recipes, we can create custom recipes for you or we can tweak your existing recipes to be more fabulous.

Click to Watch A Sample Video produced for Whirlpool Canada

Contact Ron Richard  ronrichard or leave a detailed message at 289-xxx-0528 xxx-929-xxxx.